DrivelineHybrid DrivesTraXon Hybrid (in development)

TraXon Hybrid (in development)

TraXon Hybrid: Electrically drive on "last mile" for trucks up to 40 tons.

Clean. Quiet. Efficient.

The modern TraXon transmission system in combination with a powerful hybrid module enables electric or electrically supported driving. In inner-city operation the combustion engine can be uncoupled for locally zero-emission and fuel-saving driving. In the long-distance traffic the boost function improves the driving dynamics.


  • Reduction in fuel consumption by up to 7 percent
  • 130 kW peak performance / 75 kW continuous performance
  • Complete hybrid system with inverter and EST 54 electric control unit
  • Suitable for trucks with a total weight of 40 tons
  • Electric motor with integrated ratio stage
  • Hybrid functions such as all-electric driving, boost mode, regenerative braking and stop/start
  • Clutch specially designed for the hybrid system

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