Twin Disc Clutch

Twin disc clutch pull-type GMFZ 2/380
Twin disc clutch pull-type MFZ 2/400

Handling extreme loads

Heavy vehicles, rough terrain – the clutch is subject to extreme loads here, where drive-offs on extreme gradients and frequent maneuvering can be part of the daily routine. Long slipping times of the clutch generate heat, which increases wear on the facings to a disproportionate degree.


  • Long service life due to large facing volume and high thermal absorption capacity
  • Excellent separating properties thanks to the intermediate-plate control mechanism and a common hub for the two discs
  • Two torsional dampers offer high potential for decoupling vibrations
  • Suitable for engine torque levels of up to ~ 3,800 Nm
  • Pull- and push type version for SAE-1, SAE-2 and SAE-3 bellhousings available
  • Lower life-cycle costs due to longer service life and avoiding maintenance costs for clutch replacement
  • Good automation capability thanks to especially smooth torque build-up