ConAct for medium duty applications
ConAct system design
ConAct pneumatic clutch actuation cylinder

Pneumatic clutch actuation

ZF has replaced the common fork type actuation with the clutch booster, the fork, and the releaser by a pneumatic release cylinder concentric with the transmission input shaft. This permits the elimination of all mechanical and hydraulic connections as well as the clutch booster, saving weight and installation length. Furthermore, the usual hydraulic systems contain a large number of components, with every interface increasing the risk of failure.


  • Reduced number of components and system weight
  • Available in two different sizes
  • The ability to control AMT applications is improved by the low number of friction points and the avoidance of play
  • The actuation direction, parallel to the axle, reduces the load on the release bearing
  • Simplified transmission assembly by means of the push-type clutch and the high degree of component integration
  • Environmental friendly, no hydraulic fluid needed