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Clutch for Auxiliary Drives

Clutch for Auxiliary Drives

Reduction in fuel consumption by activating and deactivating auxiliary drives

Conventional auxiliary assemblies in the commercial vehicle, such as compressors, are continuously in operation from the start of the vehicle and consume energy. As soon as the compressed-air reservoir tanks are filled, conventional compressors contiue to run at a reduced pressure level. With the new clutch for auxiliary assemblies, the compressor is completely separated from the engine by opening the clutch when the cut-out pressure is reached.


  • Avoidance of drag losses by switching off the compressor when not needed
  • Savings potential up to 0.5 l fuel per 100 km
  • Normally-closed design as clutch safety concept
  • Design with optimized oil cooling and lubrication
  • Simple adaptation to compressor and gear train of engine possible