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Independent Suspension ITS 80 F

ITS 80 F Independent Suspension

More comfort and improved handling

The development of the RL80ET is the ITS80F. It weighs 40 kg less compared to the current, air spring rigid axle which is guided by control arms. This was achieved by further developing the steering knuckle support principle. The control arms have been extended towards the king pin and have been directly connected to it. The spring forces are now supported by a separate, compact spring carrier. This reduces the unsprung masses and enhances the axle kinematics.


  • Revolutionary design reduces weight and ensures fuel savings as well as increased payloads
  • Innovative control arm connection allows optimized axle kinematics
  • Reduction of unsprung masses means less road surface damage as well as more comfort
  • Improved maneuverability due to increased steering angles

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