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Economy and safety are the highest priorities when transporting freight. Demanding and varied topography, dense traffic, cost and time pressure stretch drivers and vehicles to their limits. It is not only the engine, but also the braking system that plays a key role in this context.

The intarder, which is integrated into the transmission, is the modern answer to these challenges: It allows for wear-free braking without fading, relieves the service brakes by up to 90 percent, and in doing so, reduces maintenance costs and brake dust emissions. This makes the intarder the first choice - not only in long-distance traffic, but also wherever heavy loads have to be moved safely and economically.

Good Braking.

Better for the environment!
  • Less wear on brakes
  • Reduced brake dust and noise emissions
  • No additional operating agents: The brake force is generated through the transmission oil in a closed circuit
  • More even, consistent traveling

Better Driving.

Better for driver and load!
  • Third brake system for a plus in safety
  • Fade-free continuous braking
  • No interruption of the brake force – in contrast to other retarder systems. Not even during clutch actuation and shifting
  • More comfort


Better for vehicle owner!
  • Relief of the service brakes by up to 90 percent
  • Less wear on brakes, reduced operating costs
  • Quick return on investment
  • More even, consistent traveling at higher average speeds

Quick Return on Investment

The intarder considerably extends the service life of the service brakes and thus, cuts costs for wearing components such as brake disks and brake linings. Service times and downtimes are significantly reduced.

Practical experience has shown that the additional investment costs are amortized after a short period.



How does the ZF-Intarder work?

Click here for the video about the ZF-Intarder, the secondary retarder for modern trucks

For Safe Braking

The truck's braking system must be at least as powerful as the engine. The intarder that is integrated in the transmission relieves the service brakes by up to 90 percent.

Brochure "Good Braking. Better Driving. Intarder!"