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Test Systems for E-Mobility

In a League of Their Own for the Future of Mobility

Electromobility is one of the biggest trends in the industry today. That not only results in changes to components and drives, but also brings with it completely new demands for test benches used to test e-mobility components.

Our e-mobility test rigs are real all-rounders: they can test entire drive axles as well as electric engines, and electric axle drives without an engine. Even conventional components for passenger cars can be tested on our e-mobility test benches.

ZF offers End-of-Line as well as R&D test rigs for electromobility. Each of our test benches is unique: thanks to their modular design, we can react flexibly to special requirements and customer requests.

The e-mobility test systems by ZF stand out from regular engine and transmission test benches mainly thanks to their high speed which can reach up to 26,000 rpm. They also factor in geometrical characteristics of e-axles and can deliver up to 750 kW power and 1,200 Nm torque.

R&D E-Mobility Test Bench with Adjustment Table

R&D Test Bench: Expert for E-Mobility

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Test systems for a broad range of applications

Test systems for a broad range of applications

Electric engines can be tested in addition to entire electric drive axles. The e-mobility test system also allows for passive testing of electric axle drives without an engine during the development phase. Owing to its modular design, the test rig can also be used to test conventional passenger car transmissions. Our e-mobility test bench is thus in a league of its own.

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R&D test systems for e-mobility

Product data sheet about our R&D test rig

EoL test systems for e-mobility

Product data sheet about our EoL test rig

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