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Battery Simulation and Testing

ZF Test Systems expands its portfolio: Battery simulation and testing. ESYS can simulate a wide variety of battery models in a highly dynamic manner and can also be used to test batteries - from a cell to a battery pack. Read more below...

ESYS - DC power electronics for battery simulation and testing

ZF offers DC power electronics based on SiC for simulating and testing batteries. "ZF TS esys" (esys = Energy System) can simulate a wide variety of battery models in a highly dynamic manner at different voltage levels - from a simple internal resistance model to complex R-L-C models.

This makes ESYS an important component of e-mobility test benches. In addition to simulating a battery, ESYS can also be used to test batteries. The product portfolio covers testing from the cell to the battery pack.

Our DC sources/sinks can be used for the following areas:

  • Simulation of batteries
  • Battery testing
  • Tests of power electronics
  • Fuel cell tests

In the field of battery simulation, our products have, among other things, the following characteristics to ensure the effective and efficient simulation of batteries:

  • 21 kW to 1,000 kW nominal power
  • Standardized, compact design -> 250 kW system on a width of 1.8 m
  • Ready for the future with max. 1,500 VDC
  • Additional measurement ranges for current and voltage (1:10 & 1:4) for increased flexibility and accuracy
  • Freely configurable, real time simulation models 2nd order for simulating the electrical battery behavior or any other electrical network with 40kHz

For battery tests, we can cover all battery types and future test requirements with a broad portfolio:

  • Pack-, module- and cell tester from 2.5 kW to 1,000 kW
  • Dynamic power > 1MW/ms
  • Parallel connectivity for enhanced flexibility
  • High measurement- and control accuracy
  • Very robust and reliable -> Already over 3,000 channels in use worldwide

ZF Battery Testing

ZF Test Systems is expanding its current portfolio to incorporate battery test benches. These test bench solutions will allow OEMs, service providers and battery manufacturers worldwide to certify their batteries for passenger EVs and electric trucks.

The expertise includes Performance & Endurance Testing, Environmental Testing and Mechanical & Abuse Testing. All types of batteries can be tested - from cell to module to pack and even stationary racks.

Standards such as UL, IEC, UN, ISO and automotive (e.g. LV124) will also be taken into account during testing.

Besides testing and validation of batteries for R&D applications, ZF can also provide EoL testing solutions for batteries at the end of the production line. These tests serve to validate the correct manufacturing process of the battery pack. Key aspect for EoL solutions are robust systems and fast cycle times.
EoL tests include but are not limited to:

Isolation tests, HPPC tests, Leakage tests, Communication tests

The key for a successful operation of test facilities is an efficient and effective test field design considering the workflow of the test objects within the facility with the support of the available software solutions.

Our Expertise:

Performance & Endurance Testing

  • Durability
  • Electrical, thermal and mechanical aging
  • Capacity, resistance and efficiency tests
  • Swelling force measurements

Environmental Testing

  • UN 38.3 transportation tests
  • Vibration and shock tests
  • Corrosion tests
  • IP-class tests
  • Vacuum chamber tests
  • Dust chamber tests

Abuse & Mechanical Testing

  • Crush tests
  • Thermal propagation tests
  • Overcharging, deep discharge, short circuit tests
  • Fire resistance tests
  • Drop tests

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ZF Battery Testing

Product data sheet about our battery testing


Product data sheet about our battery simulation and testing

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