VG 750|400

Mounting options for VG 750|400
New, modular transfer case meets the most demanding AWD requirements.

The perfect combination

As a modular system, ZF’s new VG 750|400 meets the most demanding all-wheel requirements and allows a direct connection to automatic and manual transmissions. It offers numerous options and is easy to adapt to almost all light and medium duty all-wheel drive applications and meet special customer requirements.


  • Lightest transfer case in its class
  • Space-saving design thanks to optional direct mounting to powershift transmissions
  • For high input torques of up to 12,500 Nm and maximum engine speeds of 4,500 rpm
  • Higher climbing ability thanks to off-road gear i = 2.522
  • Available as an option:
    • ADM system (Automatic Drivetrain Management)
    • Parking brake on rear output flange
    • Emergency steering pump
    • Faster low gear with i = 2.1
    • Differential torque split 1:1 or 1:2
    • Non-permanent AWD with front axle disengagement
    • Integrated oil level and temperature sensor Numerous flange variants

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