AS Tronic mid

AS Tronic and AS Tronic mid
Lightweight and thoroughly convincing.
The AS Tronic mid ensures greater efficiency, safety and comfort in terminal tractors

Incredibly comfortable shifting, even with the "small" version

Hundreds of terminal tractors are used in a container port, carrying heavy loads, operating extended hours every day, and are being operated by drivers who sometimes have little experience. This requires automatic transmissions, which are easy to operate and economical in fuel consumption. Even in lightweight classes, it is possible to enjoy the usual comfort of AS Tronic shifting while achieving high performance in mobile cranes that operate in the middle rpm range on two or three axles.


  • Automatic transmission system for special vehicles and applications, like terminal tractors or mobile cranes
  • For engines with up to 1,600 Nm
  • Optional clutch-dependent PTO and emergency steering pump available
  • Easy operation: easy to handle even for unskilled drivers, automatically clutch engagement and shifting process
  • No extra cooling system necessary
  • Fuel savings up to 20% due to high efficiency, dry clutch instead of torque converter and wide ratio spread
  • 12 speeds allows exact tuning due to vehicles mission
  • Simple and compact design (lightweight transmission)
  • Low operating costs (longer oil change intervals (4 years), no oil filter change necessary, transmission overhaul after 4 years)

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