VG 2000

VG 2000 in mobile cranes
VG 2000 with 396 mm shaft distance
VG 2000 in dumpers
VG 2000 in fire-fighting vehicles
VG 2000 with 300 mm shaft distance
VG 2000 in dump trucks

Increased action by intelligent power distribution

The VG 2000 is the first choice of the multiple Rallye Dakar winner KAMAZ from Russia and has not only proven its value in motorsports. Many OEMs rely on the performance of the VG 2000 transfer case that is designed for an input torque of 27,000 Nm and offers the same multitude of equipment variants as the VG 1600.


  • High input rotation speed up to 2,800 rpm
  • Max. input torque 27,000 Nm
  • Solution for heavy duty all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Compact, weight optimized design
  • Integrated oil pump (optional) for external oil cooling system and PTO
  • Possible usage of an emergency steering pump (on backside or frontside)
  • Two shaft distances (300 mm or 396 mm) available
  • Applicable for ADM 2 (Automatic Drive-Train Management)
  • Power Take Off (PTO) available (2,000 Nm)
  • Ratio on-road / off-road: 0.89 / 1.536