VG 1600

Increased action by intelligent power distribution

As little brother of the VG 2000, the VG 1600 offers the same maximum variance regarding equipment options and a shaft distance of 300 mm or 396 mm depending on the customers' wishes. Performance has been optimized for medium-duty to heavy all-wheel drive commercial vehicles which require a technical solution below the VG 2000.


  • The first two-speed transfer case which is directly mounted onto an automatic transmission
  • High input speed up to 2,800 rpm
  • Complete range for medium- and heavy-duty all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Max. input torque 18,000 Nm
  • Compact design and light weight
  • External oil cooling function
  • Mounting possible for up to 2 hydraulic pumps on idler shaft (for emergency steering)
  • Two shaft distances (300 mm or 396 mm) available
  • Suitable for ADM (Automatic Drive-Train Management)#
  • Power Take Off available (2,000 Nm)
  • Ratio: on-road / off-road: 0.89 / 1.536

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