APE Series

APE series

Axle system for independent wheel suspension

Axles of the series APE are single components without axle bridges. The center drives are mounted directly at the chassis, while the wheel heads are developed for an independent suspension. From the center drive, the driving torque will be transmitted to the wheel head by synchronized cardan shafts. The independent wheel suspension enables a lower vehicle height, compared with conventional axles, while the ground clearance stays the same.


  • Components were developed for heavy off-road applications
  • Lower unsprung mass compared with rigid axles
  • The axle components are suitable for all common suspension systems and for all established tires and wheel sizes
  • Different axle ratios for optimal drive train configurations
  • All components are ABS compatible
  • CTIS as an option available
  • Optionally a ZF transfer case can be mounted directly to the center drive