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Lightweight, Powerful and Durable

8 TX

Transmission Functions

The ZF 8 TX is a particularly efficient product that has been specially designed for use in oil and gas production. It surpasses its competitors in terms of power-to-weight ratio which leads to the highest flexibility for trailer manufacturers during vehicle assembly and compliance with country-specific requirements. Since it is electronically controlled via CAN bus, convenient operating features can be implemented.

Smart Operation Management
  • Activation management for coming online and pressure testing
  • Targeted control of pressure and volumetric flow rate
  • Quick system availability thanks to fast gear shifts
  • Smooth shifting thanks to automotive technology
  • Reliable and constant smooth system operation

  • Eight gears and very harmonious gear steps
  • High spread of gear ratios
  • Power shifting capability maintained even at high loads
  • Simple and robust design minimizes stress as well as wear on component parts
  • Precise pumping equipment monitoring and control with constant,
    smooth system operation (no speed fluctuations)
Thermo Management
  • Effective transmission warm-up for outside temperatures
    down to -40°C / °F
  • Easy connection to hot water circuit

Condition Management
  • State-of-the-art CAN communication (SAE J1939) and easy,
    global status monitoring
  • Online error management for real-time diagnosis
  • Modular programming options