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Ecomat Rail > Versatile Automatic Transmission

Thousands of applications worldwide – the ZF Ecomat Rail automatic reversing transmission sets new standards in efficiency

With its high-performance Ecomat Rail automatic reversing transmission, ZF offers the highest level of cost-effectiveness, shift comfort, safety and service life. Due to the use of an electronic automatic shift system, the Ecomat Rail automatic reversing transmission is particularly suitable for local and regional transport. Shifting is done without tractive force interruption, which enables smooth acceleration and thus a high level of passenger comfort.


  • Maximum passenger comfort thanks to shifting without tractive force interruption
  • Fast tractive force acceleration at lower speeds
  • High level of efficiency due to integrated torque converter lock-up clutch and torsional damper
  • Simple installation due to compact modular design with central wiring
  • The automatic shift system is able to communicate with other electronic systems, such as CAN bus


  • Repowering allows for fuel savings of up to 20%
  • Significant reduction of life cycle costs
  • Acquisition costs are amortized within two to three years
  • The oil quantity is cut into half, down to 48 liters
  • Improved driving dynamics