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Highspeed Transmission


With High Speed into the future

The ZF-Highspeed transmissions which has been used in volume production for years, makes it possible to achieve travel speeds of currently up to 380 km/h. And what is more: The ZF-Highspeed transmission is already designed to equip future train generations. It is based on a modular design, which makes it possible to implement transmission variants for maximum speeds of up to 600 km/h.


  • One housing for different ratios (i = 1.925 / 2.43 / 3.423)
  • Optimized oil supply
  • New, improved labyrinth technology
  • Gear technology with increased resilience and low-noise design
  • Optimized transmission weight
  • Low noise development thanks to ZF
  • Competence for customer-specific solutions
  • Optimum efficiency

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