DrivelineLocomotives and Special VehicleAxle Drive (for Diesel Locomotives)

Axle Drive (for Diesel Locomotives)

Axle Drive (for Diesel Locomotive)

More Power, Less Wear

Technological innovation and the modular design define the concept for the robust ZF Axle Drive. The basic transmission can be adapted in a customerspecific manner in a short period of time. Proven ZF quality warrants low wear, high interface flexibility, and consequently an easy-to-service, robust transmission with optimized life cycle costs (LCC), even when dealing with permanently high loads/stresses.


  • High-duty axle-mounted gear-set transmission
  • Diagonally split transmission housing made of ductile iron GGG-40
  • Gears and flanges are linked to the shafts by oil press fits
  • Lube oil supply of ball and roller bearing and gears through immersion lubrication
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access to all maintenance parts
  • Sealing of the transmission by means of wear-free labyrinth sealing

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