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DrivelineDiesel Multiple Units (DMU)Gearset Reversing Transmission

Gearset Reversing Transmission

Final Drive System Rail

Automatically controlled shift reversal process

Axle drive units with reversing shift ultimately deliver the engine power transmitted through the transmission to the railway track. They drive the axles and make it possible to reverse the direction of travel. They also need to be planned and produced in a project-specific manner. ZF will then revert to a standardized modular system.


  • High interface flexibility due to the standard modules
  • Low development expenditure should standard modules need to be adapted
  • Short turnaround and delivery times since all standard modules are fully tested
  • Improved spare part availability due to standardized modules
  • Fully-integrated reverse gear unit
  • 3 drive modules designed for master and slave drive configuration, with or without reversing festure
  • Drive module flexibility to allow for axle load torque, axle diameter/ground clearance, torque bracket connection and ratio

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