Intelligent Fleet Management with ZF Smart Identification

The ZF Smart Identification system

The ZF Smart Identification system enables a smart, wireless identification of components in rail vehicles. Therefore the original type plate of the product is extended by a RFID chip with a unique identification number. Product data (type designation, material number and technical details) are retrieved from this RFID chip when the train is driven into the depot. The data is transferred via an antenna gate to a secure server where customers can access it through a user-friendly dashboard.

Within the entire system the ZF Smart Identification enables you to implement digital maintenance planning and efficient fleet management for rail vehicles.

At a glance

Functions of the activated, digital typeplate in comparison
Typeplate (without RFID chip) Digital typeplate (with RFID chip)
Monitoring of operating hours
Assignment of components to a specific bogie/vehicle
Use with non-ZF products
Data security

What do I need for the entire system?

Scope of the Smart Identification system

Hardware Software
Digital typeplate ( Smart Typeplate )
  • Digital typeplate with integrated RFID chip
ID link
  • Linking of RFID number with the product data
Antenna gate
  • Unique identification of incoming and outgoing assets via gateway function
  • Automatic reading out of product data
ZF IoT Cloud
  • Data storage and further processing of the data in the ZF IoT cloud
  • Access to product and service documentation
  • Processing of outstanding repair projects
Your key to efficient fleet management

The Smart Typeplate is already installed on all newly build gearboxes. Activate it and maximize the benefits of the whole Smart Identification system now.

Why choose the Smart Identification?

As an operator you will gain the following benefits

Workshop managers Technician
Information and pre-planning on maintenance and repair needs is always available Seamless, unequivocal detection of the components
Determination of the actual operating hours for the components Automated, flawless identification without directly visible contact
Faster processing of claims (warranty periods, etc.) Fast access to service information
Increased vehicle availability due to improved predictability Paperless online documentation is accessible from anywhere
Processing and documentation of outstanding maintenance work

Digitalization of the maintenance protocol

All information at a glance

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