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ZF Technologies for Driveline and Chassis Technology

ZF Bogie Damper

Gentle Damping Systems for Human and Material

ZF Bogie Transmission

Flexible Transmission Systems for Improved Driving Comfort

Driveline and Chassis Technology for Rail Vehicles

Whether average or maximum speed, short or long distances, passenger or freight traffic - we offer the right components for your needs. Even under the most extreme loads due to speed and weight, our products keep their long life.

Choose from our drive and chassis technology from gearboxes, dampers and other components for your rail vehicles. Of course we also offer complete solutions.

Do you have very specific requirements and need an individual solution? We are also happy to help you with custom-made products and special adaptations of our existing products.

Driveline Technology

An average of 30 years of operation in passenger and goods transport means one thing: The cost-effectiveness of a train depends to a large extent on the service life of its components. Faster journey and transport speeds, driving safety, and more demanding requirements on comfort require continuous improvements in components.

ZF engineers develop pioneering technologies: This approach results in low vehicle weight, greater ride comfort and safety as well as reduced fuel consumption and lower emission levels. ZF‘s extensive in-house expertise translates straight into added value for the customer. It is this knowledge that extends the service life of ZF products and makes them more economical.

High Tech on the Railway

Chassis Technology

Modern chassis technology for rail vehicles should be quiet, comfortable, reliable and environment-friendly. No easy undertaking when you consider the inherent technical challenges.

Once traveling at more than 250 kilometers an hour (>150 mph), wear and maintenance costs of rolling stock and the rail system rise almost exponentially. As a technology leader, ZF is also setting new standards here, and offers perfectly matched damping components and system for all types of rail vehicle.