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RailApplicationsMarket Segments

ZF Technology for all Rail Vehicle Market Segments

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RailApplicationsMarket Segments

Wide-Ranging, Customer-Specific Product Portfolio for EMUs

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RailApplicationsMarket Segments

Efficient Automatic Transmissions for DMUs

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RailApplicationsMarket Segments

High Power Coupled with Low Wear for Locomotives

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RailApplicationsMarket Segments

Reliability for Special Vehicles

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RailApplicationsMarket Segments

Energy Efficiency for Skytrains

ZF Solutions for all Market Segments

Our products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including EMU, DMU, locomotive, special vehicle or skytrains. ZF offers technologies tailored precisely to the rail vehicle requirements of various market segments.

Find out here about our solutions for rail vehicles and learn more about our customers' applications and experiences.

Market Segments

DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit)


The EcoWorld six-speed powershift transmission features ensures added comfort and safety for passengers in DMUs with reduced fuel consumption.

Shiftable Yaw Dampers

Yaw dampers control the sine wave effects of the bogie, increasing safety at medium and high speeds.

EMU (Electric Multiple Unit)

Reliable and Efficient Technology for Metros

Low-emission metro mass transit systems reliably carry huge numbers of people in the world's metropolises. ZF technologies for metros provide operators with efficient mass-rapid transit and passengers with safety coupled with comfort.

Customer Profile Metro

Innovative Lightweight for the Los Angeles Metro

ZF is using aluminum housings for transmissions in metros for the first time in North America – making the transmissions 15 percent lighter than existing products in the North American market. Several hundred railcars in the Los Angeles metro are fitted with a ZF transmission with its innovative lightweight design. The video shows how lightweight design helps make local public transportation even more efficient.

Maximum Flexibility and Safety for Highspeed Trains

Flexible, ultra-resilient technologies from ZF help trains fly along the tracks. Forward-looking ZF products for high-speed trains allow maximum speeds of between 250 and 600 kilometers per hour on rails.

LRV/ Tram
Efficiency and Reliability for Light Rail Vehicles and Trams

The reliable components for LRVs (light rail vehicles) and trams withstand the rigors of increasing traffic volumes that pose a major challenge for cities and transit authorities. ZF technology consistently delivers efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly mobility on LRVs and trams.

Environmental Friendliness and Efficiency for Commuter

Ultra-efficient driveline and chassis systems, which have proven themselves time and again in daily service, help make efficient, environmentally friendly mobility a reality.


The new modular metro transmission, offers vehicle manufacturers the required performance, robustness and cost-effectiveness.

Highspeed Transmission

The ZF-Highspeed transmission, makes it possible to achieve travel speeds of currently up to 380 km/h.


Axle Drive (for Diesel Locomotives)

Proven ZF quality warrants low wear, high interface flexibility and optimized life cycle costs for the robust ZF Axle Drive.

Multiple Purpose Vehicles

Ergopower Rail

With ZF Ergopower Rail, a transmission for track-laying vehicles, ZF has established the benchmark on the market.


Bevel Gear, Axle Drive

The transmissions for the Suspension Railway, meet the highest requirements regarding light-weight design, energy efficiency, and low noise emissions.