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SACHS Performance Clutch Pressure Plates

Clutch cover (push type)
Clutch cover (pull type)

Dynamic Driving for the Experts

Compared to volume-production pressure plates, SACHS Performance pressure plates have a higher transferable torque and are less sensitive to thrust loading. Performance clutch pressure plates are used with different disks, depending on the vehicle's requirements. Higher pedal forces might occur.


  • Perfectly suited for Chip tuning
  • Turbocharger and supercharger conversions
  • Vehicles with maximum payload and / or subject to high stress (e.g., towing service, ambulances, snowplows, commercial vehicles, driving school vehicles and taxis)
  • ¼ mile races
  • Circular tracks such as endurance racing, club sports, autocross
  • Hill climbs
  • Rally, racing slaloms and drifting