SteeringSteering Components Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering (EPHS) 89c EVO

Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering (EPHS) 89c EVO


Innovative steering technology that allows a conventional hydraulic steering system to run without an engine driven pump

Available for petrol and diesel as well as hybrid and electric vehicles. The level of assist can be varied depending on the vehicle speed and rate of steer, giving a tailored steering feel and substantial fuel savings over traditional hydraulic power steering. Without the need for a direct connection to the engine an EPHS pump can also ease packaging issues as it can be positioned virtually anywhere in the engine bay, or in any other convenient location with a connection to the steering rack.


  • Multi-speed steering assist based on steering rate and vehicle speed
  • Reduced steering effort at dry park and low speed
  • Improved controllability at high speed
  • Reduced vehicle fuel consumption (typically -0.2 litres / 100 km ECE-cycle)
  • Reduced development time and cost
  • Compact dimensions, easy to package and install