By exploring the boundaries of testing processes, Conekt is able to provide a range of advanced testing solutions to meet the changing demands of our clients.

  • Product-specific test planning and test design to evaluate product’s mission-critical quality functions
  • Testing evolution from early development stages to discover design weaknesses and limits-of-technology before any validation tests
  • Predictive testing techniques for confidence-building with system simulations
  • “Real-World” performance evaluations
  • Test programmes devised to simulate operational conditions and recreate observed failure modes
  • Highly Accelerated Life Testing techniques to establish potential failure modes early in the development cycle
  • Finite Element Analysis tools employed to achieve optimal designs

Conekt’s UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0332 also provides a range of testing services to support your test requirements. For more information about our advanced testing capabilities or any of Conekt’s services, please pbagnpg hf .