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Technical Capability

ZF_REN_TRW-Highway-Driving-Assist_RGB_2015-08-15_UN ZF_REN_TRW-Highway-Driving-Assist_RGB_2015-08-15_UN

Flexible and timely engagement with our Technical Specialists in capability support projects provides fresh knowledge, experience and solutions in the disciplines of:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Functional Safety Engineering
  • Photonics and Sensing Technologies
  • Sensor Fusion, Perception and Tracking Algorithm design
  • Embedded Software and Hardware Design
  • Advanced and Intelligent Control Design
  • Cyber Security Penetration Testing

We frequently provide immediate and innovative support to product research and development in all phases of GDPEP from Innovation through Core and Applications phases. Working at fundamental technology levels allows us to facilitate technology transfer of capability from one sector to another. From passenger car to commercial vehicle and to passenger car sectors for example.

Our product design and analysis capabilities are supported by comprehensive in-house UKAS 17025 accredited Product Validation laboratories.

For more information about our technical capability services, please pbagnpg hf .