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Project Engagement


Our technical capability projects provide flexible, pay as you use, time and materials support using standard inter-company trading policies. For short term problem solving, project work, stand-alone or within your project team; overcoming your hurdles with recruitment, project timing and subcontracting overhead costs. We work in agile project teams and standard waterfall managed GDPEP projects.

For medium and longer term support we can operate Service Level/Offering Agreements managed by a steering committee formed from customer and ZF Race Engineering management. For longer term projects with OEM and university engagement objectives we provide access to government funded collaborative R&D.

Our project experience starts with early examples of PROMETHEUS in the 1990’s to Autotaxi and winning the MoD Grand Challenge in the 2000’s and recent InteractIVe intelligent vehicle consortium successes of the 2010’s. Intelligent, alternatively fuelled vehicles and intelligent infrastructure problems all within scope.

Today we represent ZF in the UK Driverless Cars project GATEWAY as an industrial liaison committee member.

Example collaborative R&D projects;

CityMobil – advanced road transport for the urban environment. This project inspired the current round of UK driverless cars and intelligent transport system initiative.

interactIVe - Accident avoidance by active intervention for intelligent vehicles.

SmartRRS - Smart Road Restraint Systems looking at energy harvesting, wireless telecommunications and environment sensing themes on roadside infrastructure with motorcyclist safety in mind.

Zero Emission Fuel Cell Taxi developing systems safety techniques and chassis system capability for fuel cell powered electric vehicles.

Fuel Cell Test and Validation – Test and validation of fuel cell components and modules.

MoD Grand Challenge – winning, as part of Team Stellar, the autonomous vehicle challenge posed by UK defence

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