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In order for you to go to the starting line with the right technology. The lead is measurable. In grams and seconds.

Brake Actuation System

Complete tunable solution.
Easily integrated braking system tailored to high performance vehicles.

Electronic Park Brake

Complete functionality and convenience.
Automatic apply and release EPB with compact actuators.

Electronic Stability Control

Precision, control and stability.
The modular system design ESC providing industry-leading comfort and durability.

Motorsport Steering Pump

Powerful, flexible, compact!
The new high-performance EPHS steering pump for motorsports.

Motorsport Transmission 8P45R

Durable and fast - ZF Race Transmissions
Powered by ZF Race Engineering. Built for all tracks but the Podium.

TCR Suspension

Robust, flexible, professional!
The ZF Race TCR Suspension. Homologated Performance for Seat Leon, Audi RS3 udn VW Golf in the TCR International Series.

Tilt Lock

Versatile and lightweight
Intelligent compact tilt lock solution for 3- and 4-wheeled motorcycles.

Racing Clutch System

Product Range
ZF Race’s expertise is directly available in the ZF Racing Clutch System, individually configured for all racing series.

SACHS Performance Tuning


The extraordinary toughness of SACHS Performance Products guarantees an unforgettable maximum dynamic driving experience.

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SACHS Performance Tuning Coilover Suspensions

From the pole – to the road

SACHS Performance Tuning Clutches

Clutches for highest demands