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ZF Selects Europe

ZF Motorsports is excited to extend the ZF Selects photography challenge to Europe for the 2019 racing season! We are collaborating with the photographer Bas Fransen to give you a chance to win an opportunity shooting a motorsports race.

Who is Bas Fransen?

Bas Fransen, motorsport and automotive photographer, covered all the Track- and Test Days of Curbstone Track events since 2017 in Europe. Besides, Bas creates content for one of the biggest German car manufacturers' Social Media channels and further automotive brands while also covering further very exclusive car tours in Europe.

How to enter:

Photographers are invited to submit their best hero shots of motives of their choice, on Instagram using the hashtag #ZFSelectsEU by the entry deadline for each race.

All photos must be uploaded and tagged within the entry period to be considered a valid entry. Participants are allowed to tag photos that have already been uploaded on their Instagram account.

ZF along with Bas Fransen will judge all eligible entries submitted for the particular race for each respective race on the following criteria: creativity and originality. ZF along with Bas Fransen will select three winners who are invited to different races with all travel expenses covered and a guest photography pass to capture the race. Winners will take over the ZF account for the race weekend and submit one hero racing shot as their application for the grand prize.

In order to be eligible for a specific Race, entries must be submitted within the entry periods for that specific Race as defined below.

Photographers of all disciplines (e.g. food, landscape, portrait photography) are encouraged to participate for an opportunity to win not one, but two all-expense paid trips to shoot a motorsports race, and to be featured in the ZF Selects Photo Book at the end of the year.

The ZF Selects Europe Contest is open to legal residents of the European Union, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Norway.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before participating.

ZF Selects Europe 2019 Race Weekends

Grand Prize

As a Grand Prize winner, the participant will get to fly to the final DTM race of the season in October at Hockenheim. The Grand Prize winner will be chosen from the three winners chosen throughout the race reason.

The Grand Prize is a an all-expense paid ticket to the big final race of the year coupled with a personal “live” workshop with Bas Fransen who will take the photographer through the ins and outs of motorsports photography on how to get the perfect racing picture.

Grand Prize Weekend

About Bas Fransen:

It all started as a hobby. But one day, Bas got in contact with one of the biggest German car manufacturers. This was the point when he turned his passion into profession. The brand offered him a car for the weekend to drive and photograph it in several locations. After some photo shootings and trips with the manufacturer’s cars, his brand awareness increased enormously – as well as the traffic and number of followers on his social media channels. Thanks to this development, more and more brands started to contact Bas and offer him jobs. At a given moment, Curbstone Track Events asked him to become their house photographer. And this is what he has been doing now for almost three years, besides his other international clients.

Bas’ job as a motorsport and automotive photographer brought him all around the world: From driving and shooting luxury cars in the dessert of Dubai to going on road trips for a big German automotive brand in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. During the years, many of his photos were published in magazines like Top Gear, EVO and many more, featuring all kind of brands.

About ZF:

ZF is a global technology company and supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility. With its comprehensive technology portfolio, the company offers integrated solutions for established vehicle manufacturers, mobility providers and start-up companies in the fields of transportation and mobility. ZF continually enhances its systems in the areas of digital connectivity and automation.

In 2018, ZF achieved sales of €36.9 billion. The company has a global workforce of 149,000 with approximately 230 locations in 40 countries. ZF invests over six percent of its sales in research and development annually.