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Research and Development

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ZF is an innovation-driven company that develops volume production-ready products based on its own research and development efforts and thus invests in the future in a targeted way. This also applies to motorsports.

ZF Race Engineering’s development objectives for all product segments encompass

  • Installation Space Optimization
  • Weight Reduction
  • Performance Enhancement

We differ from our competitors because of OE standards, FMEA, project transfer and process management, and the know-how from ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s volume production.

In the product design process we use FEM, and for verification we use the latest generation of test equipment (including MTS linear pulser, rotational test bench and test machines for determining characteristic curves).

4-Post Test Rig

Simulation of operating loads on the chassis are performed using the 4-post test rig at the ZF R&D Center in Schweinfurt.

  • Simulate and analyze vertical dynamics in a cost-efficient way
  • Sort out of numerous set up errors
  • Optimize existing setups
  • Testing is also possible on vehicles that are not roadworthy
  • Dynamically adjustable posts

Electrical Test Rig for Clutches

  • Independent coupling or uncoupling of the test rig
  • Constant stability of the temperature
  • Regulation of the pressing force and torque
  • Electrical drive with a maximum of 9.000 revolutions/min.
  • Maximum torque: 1,120 Nm
  • Standard measuring value recording 200 Hz (max. 1,000 Hz)
  • Three temperature channels
  • External heating possible

Servohydraulic Test Rig by MTS

  • Alternating pull- and push-loadings
  • Endurance runs until fatigue failure occurs
  • Simulation and reproduction of the race track route profile
  • Sinus and ramp signals
  • Individual creation of test procedures
  • Generation of load collectives
  • Max. testing speed: 4.5 m/s
  • Max. test force: 50 kN