A good feeling: CDC in the biker's test

Brief excursion on the motorcycle chassis

To shed more light on this topic, here follows a brief excursion into the motorcycle chassis. Spring preload changes the vehicle height as well as the steering axis angle and trail. In terms of the laden motorcycle, this means: To ensure that the motorcycle runs the same as when in normal use, it is necessary to increase the spring preload. This is usually done using hexagon slotted nuts or a practical hand wheel. It is similar with the fork. The level of the fork should also be adjusted - where possible - to the increased load. The compression and rebound values are also similar. The rebound spring movement controls the rebound stage. What does this look like? Simply push together a spring on a ballpoint pen and then let go. No motorcyclist would like to experience these uncontrolled vibrations, or wobble, on a motorcycle. A damper and its rebound settings are used to avoid these vibrations. Last but not least, the compression stage. It is designed with a considerably lower effective range and assists the springs to compress.