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EPS4 for 4-wheel counterbalance lift trucks
The EPS3 ensures energy savings of up to 10 % as compared to hydrostatic steerings
EPS3 for 3-wheel counterbalance lift trucks

Electromechanical innovation for lift trucks & forklifts

Electromechanical steerings will soon replace the current hydrostatic steering systems in frontwheel-driven counterbalance lift trucks. The electric lift truck is thus consistently following the path trodden in the car industry a few years ago: substitution of hydraulic steering by energy-efficient electrical steering systems. ZF offers electromechanical solutions for both 3- as well as 4-wheel counterbalance lift trucks.


  • Significant energy savings in the driving cycle
  • Reduced energy consumption and longer battery life thanks to power-on-demand
  • Significantly reduced installation effort during lift truck assembly
  • Perfectly combinable with eTRAC front-wheel drive for optimum efficiency and maneuverability
  • Low operating noise because of optimized gearing technology

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