Aerial view on a harbour with thousands of containers: ZF technologies enable smooth goods transportation

ZF Moves the World

As systems supplier, ZF offers a broad product scope with a wide range of individual solutions for forklifts and other material handling applications.

Each application has specific requirements calling for a technical solution. Whether this involves emission-free and quiet electrical lift trucks for the fast movement of small to medium loads or diesel-powered lift trucks which have to transport heavy loads over a long distance outdoors - the technology comes from ZF.

ZF offers a large product range between both ends of this product range: At one end, system solutions for electric counterbalance lift trucks, electric, seated or standing- driver equipment or push-type, low and high-lift trucks for warehouse applications in ITA classes 1-3. At the other end, solutions for all types of material handling vehicles with internal combustion engines. This includes container stackers in ITA classes 4-5, telehandlers or aircraft tractors.