Hybrid Technology

In light of the ever stricter regulations at sea and at ports, the future of shipping belongs to clean and sustainable drives.

Combining the best of two worlds

There are many arguments in favor of maritime hybrid propulsion systems: less noise and exhaust gases, but more fuel savings and more effective power delivery during slow speed maneuvering. Starting in 2020, stricter environmental regulations and laws will apply to the oceans. In electric mode, hybrid vessels may continue to drive to ports and waters that are closed to purely conventional vessels. Manufacturers and operators alike benefit from the broad portfolio of hybrid-ready transmissions that ZF offers for almost all application segments. To this end, the company is expanding its gearboxes with an additional power take-in (PTI), via which an electric machine alone or in conjunction with the conventional power unit drives the propeller shaft. This auxiliary drive can serve a variety of ratios. An optional helical gearbox compensates for differences in speed between the main unit and the electric motor.