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TotalCommand - Control System

Unrivaled vessel control

Key Facts

Adaptive shifting

Optimized clutch responsiveness with proportional valves

Proven quality

Rigorously tested according marine standards

Smart Control

Advanced diagnostic and maintenance alerts

Italian design

Levers and joystick by world-famous designer Giugiaro

What can TotalCommand - Control System provide?

TotalCommand is a new propulsion control family and it includes advanced functionalities to complement ZF’s industry-leading transmission technology, including improved clutch responsiveness, optimized control of proportional valves, and adaptive gear engagement. It provides captains unprecedented control and precision with smooth shifting and seamless transitions between operating modes. Control levers and joystick designed by the world-famous Italian designers Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro.


Product Details

TotalCommand integrates the latest CAN-bus communication technology with the industry’s best multifunction control heads to accommodate up to six stations. The compact control head design combines an ergonomic lever shape with a user-friendly touch pad allowing all system functions to be easily selected using soft-touch push buttons. Visual indicators allow the user to locate the neutral detent position and two color LEDs indicate station in command, and transmission engagement. TotalCommand’s CAN-bus communication automatically synchronizes engines in all modes without the need for dedicated buttons or switches.The controls are robust successors of our well-known and time-proven ClearCommand and MicroCommand systems of ZF. These early pioneering systems established industry standards in electronic controls technology – TotalCommand goes to the next level. It can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications including mechanically actuated engines and transmissions or any combination of electronic throttle or shift.
The system has been rigorously tested to meet the highest marine industry standards and is 100% compliant with all major classification societies, such as ABS and DNV. As an added bonus, DP0 (dynamic positioning) and joystick maneuvering are now available for professional vessels.The joystick system provides the helmsman with simple and intuitive vessel control. Engines, transmissions and thrusters in a shaft-line vessel are automatically controlled together providing smooth, unbeatable “ease of control”. Moving parallel to the dock, 360° rotation on the spot and other complex maneuvers are now easy operations. JMS® regulates engine speed and transmission engagement through automatic trolling valves to provide the precise speed needed for smooth maneuvering and easy docking. This means driving a pleasure craft becomes less stressful, simple and safe. JMS® is available in basic configuration without automatic heading control (open-loop) or in premium configuration (closed-loop) in which the integrated electronic compass maintains the desired vessel heading. The closed-loop premium configuration keeps the vessel moving in the selected direction while automatically compensating for current, wind or other external forces.

Further Information

Press Release: Experience & Innovation: ZF Offers Unmatched Manoeuvrability with New Electronic Control System TotalCommand





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