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Small-Medium Transmission Range

Flexibility and reliability for all vessels

Key Facts

Wide range

Vertical offset, down-angle, coaxial and v-drive models

Smooth shifting

Supershift 2 and proportional valves technologies embedded

Smart Gearbox

Intelligent alert functions for predictive maintenance

What can Small-Medium Transmission Range provide?

ZF offers a wide range of lightweight and robust transmissions suitable for all types of engines and propulsion systems, covering every application, such as motor yachts, cruisers, watersports boats and sail boats, but also patrol boats, fishing and small commercial vessels. A wide variety of transmissions for engine outputs of up to 1,500 hp, for all installation configurations – vertical offset, down-angle, coaxial and vee-drive.



While the mechanically operated “M”-series transmissions are typically installed in lower horsepower applications such as sailboats and river craft, they are also utilized in life saving applications such as lifeboats. ZF transmissions are designed for both forward and reverse reduction operation. The mid-range transmissions are primarily employed in various types of pleasure craft including watersports boats, sport fishing vessels, cruisers and luxury motor yachts.
Transmissions with higher power ratings are equipped with ZF Marine’s innovative SuperShift2 clutch control. The transmissions are made of a robust yet lightweight sea-water resistant aluminum alloy housing. The output shaft thrust bearings of these transmissions are designed to take maximum propeller thrust astern and ahead. All the gears are calculated and optimized for minimum noise and maximum strength, case hardened with precisely ground gear teeth for long life and smooth running.
The transmissions are compatible with all types of engines and propulsion systems, including waterjets and surface-piercing propellers. They are built to stand up to not only pleasure craft but commercial vessel duty cycles.
All of ZF Marine’s transmission design, manufacture and quality control standards meet ISO 9001. The 2-speed (TS) series transmissions have been developed for applications, where optimum acceleration, safety and maneuverability are determining factors. These 2-speed, power-shift, reverse reduction marine transmissions are equipped with a planetary step-up gear on the power input side and electric shift from first to second speed.

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