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Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS™)- Control System

Assisted joystick control

Key Facts

Simple and safe

Easy maneuvering in tight spaces through joystick

Assisted control

Propulsion and thrusters are automatically controlled

Dynamic positioning

Keep the vessel at a given position against wind and current

What can Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS™)- Control System provide?

JMS™ allows the captains of twin-engine motor yachts, cruisers, and sport fishing boats, with traditional shaftline propulsion to easily maneuver the vessel in complex docking situations. Interfaced with the electronic control system SmartCommand™, JMS™ integrates sophisticated functions like iAnchor™ to keep the vessel on station at a given position, with the press of a button.


Product Details

Controlling engines, transmissions and thrusters in a traditional shaft-line vessel, JMS provides the same ease of control as expected from pod drive systems. Maneuvers such as moving sideways to the dock, 360° rotation on the spot and other complicated maneuvers, difficult with standard control levers, become easy operations. The electronic JMS system also controls the throttle of the engines and shifts the transmissions to provide the precise speed needed for smooth maneuvering and easy docking.
This means driving a pleasure craft boat becomes even more pleasurable, simple and safe!


It is possible to install up to 6 joystick stations enabling maneuvering of the boat from any location.
JMS, with all its options, can be retrofitted in existing vessels with electronic engine interface, ZF transmissions and SmartCommand control systems. JMS can interface with many market available DC or hydraulic bow thrusters.


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