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Fixed Pitch Propulsion

Smooth cruising for pleasure craft and commercial applications

Key Facts

Bespoke propellers

Custom designed and manufactured NAB and MB propellers

System supplier

Complete fixed pitch propulsion from one source

Various application

Available as “off the shelf” products or custom designed

What can Fixed Pitch Propulsion provide?

Tailored designer and manufacturer of shaftline propulsion from ZF, these are suited for a wide variety of pleasure, commercial and fast craft applications. As for example sport fishing boats, cruisers, super yachts, ferries and high speed craft.



The ethos of ZF design team is to ensure vessels perform with highest efficiency and comfort as the foremost priority. ZF offers a tailored range of fixed pitch propulsion for applications in various types of pleasure, commercial and fast craft vessels.
All products are manufactured with the highest quality standards and meets all major class requirements set by International Association of Classification Societies IACS.

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Fixed Pitch Propeller


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