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Classic Electronic Controls

Proven and well-known electronic controls

Key Facts

For all propulsion

Controls for pleasure, commercial and fast craft vessels

Well-known ZF quality

50-years of experience in manufacturing of control systems

Wide range

Large range of control heads with an ergonomic lever shape

Proven design

Ensures reliability, ease of operation and maintenance

What can Classic Electronic Controls provide?

ZF Marine’s electronic controls are at the leading edge of electronics technology. The products incorporate well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, easy operation and maintenance. A wide range of systems means optimum equipment can be chosen to specifically match the type of vessel or propulsion configuration – single engine, multi-engine or multi-station.


Product Details

ZF has more than fifty years of experience in the design and production of controls systems for all types of pleasure, commercial and fast craft vessels. ZF offers a large range of compact control heads with an ergonomic lever shape and a user-friendly display where all functions can be easily selected using soft-touch pushbuttons. Visual indicators help to locate the neutral detent position and LED’s indicate which control head is in command and whether the corresponding transmission is engaged.


SmartCommand is a powerful control system which integrates the latest in CANbus (Controller Area Network) technology in a user-friendly control head. SmartCommand puts you in complete control, offering special features for docking or trolling.


MiniCommand provides control of electronically actuated diesel and gas powered engines and marine transmissions in a robust, compact package.Designed for pleasure craft and some light duty commercial vessels up to 50 feet in length with a maximum of two control stations. MiniCommand is a reasonably priced control system containing the features of control systems costing significantly more, making boat handling and docking easy and effortless.

9000 Series/ CruiseCommand

The 9000 Series and CruiseCommand control systems from ZF are reliable and responsive controls systems, with easy installation in all types of boats. These systems can be matched to a vast choice of control heads to ensure ease of use for the captain of the boat. The 9000 Series and CruiseCommand have been tested to requirements set by survey societies such as ABS and DNV, and meet ABYC standards for performance and functional testing.


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