ElectronicsControl SystemsJoystick Maneuvering System (JMS™)

Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS™)

Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS™)

Simplified vessel handling through joystick control

The ZF JMS™ allows the captains of twin-engine motor yachts, cruisers, and sport fishing boats, with traditional shaft-line propulsion to easily maneuver the vessel in complex docking situations. Interfaced with the ZF SmartCommand™ electronic control system, ZF JMS™ integrates sophisticated functions like iAnchor™ to keep the vessel on station at a given position, with the press of a button.


  • Joystick vessel control at low speed
  • Easy maneuvering in tight spaces through joystick interface
  • Keeps vessel automatically in position against wind and current
  • Works with traditional propeller shaft-line systems