Products for Marine Propulsion Systems
ZF Marine - Sail boats harbour ZF Marine - Sail boats harbour
MarineApplicationsPleasure Craft and Yachts

ZF Technology for Pleasure Craft and Yachts

ZF Marine - Yacht Ferretti ZF Marine - Yacht Ferretti
MarineApplicationsPleasure Craft and Yachts

Robust and lightweight for cruisers

ZF Marine - Sail Boat ZF Marine - Sail Boat
MarineApplicationsPleasure Craft and Yachts

Efficient and comfortable for sailboats

Robust, yet lightweight

ZF Marine offers a wide range of robust, yet lightweight transmissions suitable for all types of engines and propulsion systems, covering a wide range of applications.

As a reliable supplier of transmissions (both for inboard and outboard engines), reversing transmissions, sail drives, propellers, and control systems, ZF delivers the optimum solution for pleasure craft and yachts.

Always focusing minimum noise and maximum comfort. Decades of experience in the development and the design of marine transmissions guarantee high quality and a long service life.

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The new ZF propulsion control system combines more than 60-years of experience in marine controls and the famous italian design by Giugiaro.Get to know TotalCommand!

ZF 400

The new ZF 400 transmission family for pleasure craft and yachts up to 1,000 PS. Inform yourself here!

Sail Drive (SD)

The ZF Sail Drive (SD) offers skippers a highly efficient and comfortable propulsion system and unmatchable maneuverability. Learn more about ZF Sail Drive!

Joystick Maneuvering System

The innovative Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS) enables easy steering and maneuverability for all types of pleasure craft. Get to know JMS!