ZF Technology for Commercial and Fast Craft
MarineApplicationsCommercial and Fast Craft

ZF Technology for Commercial and Fast Craft

Passenger Ferry
MarineApplicationsCommercial and Fast Craft

High-performance transmissions for ferries

MarineApplicationsCommercial and Fast Craft

360° steerable thruster for tugs

Powerful. For every application.

Decades of experience in the design and development of marine propulsion systems for commercial and fast craft enable ZF to supply world's leading propulsion technology.

ZF is supplier of compact, high-performance transmissions, surface drives, azimuth and tunnel thrusters, propellers and control systems. Numerous transmission ratios are available that perfectly match today's medium- and high-speed diesel engines.

ZF marine propulsion technology is optimally adapted to the requirements of our customers for commercial and fast shipping. Focusing high quality, intelligent design concepts and individual service to ensure minimum downtime and low life cycle costs.

Product Portfolio

Product Highlights

Hybrid Transmissions

ZF hybrid transmissions are characterized by maximum efficiency, maximum reliability and flexibility.

ToughGear Series

The ToughGear series represents a selected group of transmissions, designed and built for the use under toughest conditions.

ZF Contra Rotation Azimuth Thruster

The 360° steerable thruster with contra rotating propellers offers full driving comfort and is particularly quiet and efficient.





Cargo Vessels

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