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Seat Belt Systems

ZF produces a variety of seat belt systems that help improve occupant protection

ZF’s advanced belt systems help manage kinetic occupant energy during a vehicle crash. As an integral part of the vehicle’s occupant safety system, ZF seat belt technologies use sensing information to help tailor occupant protection and can work in concert with airbags to adapt to crash variables. ZF offers seat belts for both front and rear seat applications.


  • Active seat belt systems: ZF’s Active Control Retractor and the Active Buckle Lifter are advanced seat belt designs that work in combination with the vehicle’s active safety systems. These latest seat belt technologies can help vehicle occupants locate and fasten the buckle; helps reduce seat belt slack in dynamic driving situations; and help decrease the possibility of occupants being out-of-position.
  • Seat belt systems: ZF continues to develop standard seat belt systems for both front and rear seat applications. Seat belt technologies include a variety of seat belt retractor pretensioners, anchor and buckle pretensioners as well as height adjusters and buckles.

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