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SteeringSteering Systems EPS Belt Drive – Heavy Duty (in development)

EPS Belt Drive – Heavy Duty (in development)

Belt drive electrically powered steering for heavy duty pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles

Belt drive electrically powered rack&pinion steering system features a modular and scalable design for C segment passenger vehicles to full size trucks with up to 20 kN rack force output and independent front suspension. This technology supports CO₂ reduction, fuel economy and automated driving.


  • Upscaled product based on modular architecture already established for global high volume passenger car platforms
  • 1 kW powerpack on 12 V vehicle electrical architecture leading to rack force output up to 20 kN
  • System to support driver assist functions (ADAS), scalable to fully redundant E/E architecture to support autonomous driving (AD)
  • High efficiency belt drive, low friction and low lash ball screw mechanism
  • Industry-leading steer feel in application segments

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