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Rear Caliper Integrated Park Brake (IPB)

Rear caliper Integrated Park Brakes (IPB) for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) offer an integrated mechanical park brake with the standard service brakes

Integrated parking brakes (IPB) – are designed with an integrated park brake mechanism for single piston designs. The rear caliper IPB is a cost-efficient service and park brake solution for the complete car model range integrated with the world-leading Colette caliper design. Actuated by one piston and sliding housing, the Colette-type lightweight / low-drag caliper family is the most widely fitted floating caliper in the world.


  • Excellent Noise Vibration and Harshness design with optional NVH upgrade features
  • Weight savings due to lightweight components (aluminum housing)
  • A wide range of styling options enhance appearance
  • Reduced application engineering effort due to multiple product applications

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