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Active SafetyBraking ComponentsFront and Rear Calipers

Front and Rear Calipers

Front and rear calipers for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) are available in single and twin piston designs

Front and rear calipers are actuated by one or two pistons and a sliding housing. The caliper is a cost-efficient, high-performance helping to address the demand for enhanced brake performance. The Colette-type lightweight, low-drag caliper family is the most widely fitted floating caliper in the world. Colette brakes are available for both front brakes in single and twin piston designs, as well as for rear brake applications.


  • Full product portfolio range and market coverage
  • Excellent Noise Vibration and Harshness characteristics with optional NVH upgrade features
  • Residual drag minimization features / lightweight components to support CO2 emission reduction
  • Reduced application engineering effort due to multiple product applications
  • A wide range of styling options to enhance appearance

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