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DrivelineAutomatic Transmissions8-Speed Automatic Transmission for LCV

8-Speed Automatic Transmission for LCV

8-speed automatic transmission for LCV

8-Speed Automatic Transmission for Light Commercial Vehicles

Vehicles used in delivery traffic must cope with quick setting-off and frequent stops. The torque converter and the eight gear steps of ZF's 8-speed automatic transmission together with the high spread of gear ratios guarantee dynamic properties while at the same time keeping the engine speed and therefore also the fuel consumption at a low level. The innovative gearset concept minimizes drag losses and increases the efficiency.


  • High total spread at smaller gear steps.
  • High efficiency through innovative gearset concept.
  • Highly efficient torsional damper.
  • Adaptive shifting strategy.
  • Automatic idle shift system at vehicle standstill and engaged service brake (stand-by-control).
  • High torque at low weight.
  • High shifting comfort to smoothly tackle even steep and winding uphill roads.

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