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ZF Tiratron
ZF Tiraton with Electronic Control Unit (ERM)
ZF Tiraton

Hysteresis brakes and clutches, Safety brakes and clutches, Electronic Control Unit (ERM)

Functioning of the hysteresis products is based on the magnetic force of poles attracting each other in synchronous running and on continuous resetting of a permanently magnetic material in slip operation. In combination with control electronics, an exact regulation of tension forces and a precise setting of torque levels is achieved.


  • Non-contact torque transmission
  • Infinitely variable torque
  • High slip levels in continuous operation, overload capability
  • Wear and maintenance-free
  • Exact regulation of tension forces
  • Quiet operation
  • Reproducible setting of the brake force
  • Additional models are available
  • Patented special solutions
  • Customized solutions upon request

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