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ZF Customer-specific Transmission Systems

Customer Specific Transmission

Customer Specific Transmission Systems

Individuality is a standard we offer. We develop and produce customer-specific drive solutions for various industries, such as the robotics product segment, the textile industry, or the printing machines. Together with our customers we develop products which are tailored to their requirements.


  • Lowest possible circumferential backlash
  • Highly efficient
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Lowest possible running noise
  • Individually customized to the system demand
  • Perfectly matched to the installation space
  • Close couplings (also as fixed point couplings available)
  • Various gearboxes can be selected (worm gear, cam gear, spur gear, planetary gear)
  • Integrated transmission and clutch systems
  • Best availability
  • Patented special solutions

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