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Generation Change in EcoLife Automatic Bus Transmissions

“After producing both EcoLife generations in parallel since 2019 to enable a smooth transition for our customers, phasing out the first generation of EcoLife is an important achievement ensuring we serve all our EcoLife customers with state-of-the-art product performance.”,

stated Kleber Vinhas, Head of EMEA2 region at ZF’s CVS division.

"This transition from EcoLife to EcoLife 2 transmission systems is indeed a consequent next step in our future-oriented strategy to continuously improve our product performance to maintain the benchmark position of our transmission systems to our customers. As a trusted technology and development partner to the commercial vehicle industry, we are offering not only benchmark products for the conventional drivetrain contributing to continuously improving vehicle efficiency, road safety, as well as passenger and driver comfort, but also offering our electric drivetrain solutions such as CeTrax 2 dual to accompany our customers on the transition towards automated, connected and electric (ACE) commercial vehicles"

stated Dr. Jochen Witzig, Head of Transmission Systems at ZF’s CVS division.