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Maximize fuel efficiency, driver productivity and uptime with OptiDriveTM

Maximize driver productivity

OptiDrive’s autonomous clutching saves the driver from manual operation, thereby maximizing productivity. The globally proven solution provides absolute autonomy from gear shifting and clutching which offers driver comfort and efficiency. It lets drivers focus on the road thereby increasing productivity and addressing driver fatigue. The technology empowers drivers with varied skilled levels and enables them to drive with greater confidence.

Lower TCO and improve vehicle uptime

OptiDriveTM improves reduces wear on clutch and other transmission components, resulting in lower maintenance costs over the vehicle’s lifetime. The technology, thus, creates lesser scope for unplanned repairs and maximizes vehicle uptime. It offers the convenience and advantage of clutchless operation as in the case of Automated Transmission (AT).

Maximize fuel efficiency

OptiDrive™ offers optimized driving modes to achieve fuel economy up to 5% for trucks and buses while operating in congested city traffic conditions as well as on long hauls. It has additional operating modes (economy, power and crawl) making it suitable for different terrains, weather conditions and situations. Drivers can switch between modes by simply adjusting a knob to switch to the desired mode.
  • Economy - Suitable for operating in common roads such as expressway and flat roads.
  • Power - Suitable for mountainous areas or when the vehicle is carrying a heavy load
  • Crawl - Suitable for heavy load or steep slopes

  • Available as standardized, complete system including hardware and software to allow automation of manual transmissions
  • Software algorithm provides optimized real-time gear shift strategy

  • Easily adapts to a wide range of manual gearboxes through innovative modularity
  • Seamlessly integrates with CV industry’s hybrid drives

  • Interacts with other control systems like ABS or ESC to improve vehicle safety

Reduces maintenance costs and maximizes vehicle uptime by lowering mechanical wear & tear

  • Minimizes driver fatigue by releasing driver from clutch and shift operations
  • Improves driver effectiveness across all levels of experience

Enables comfortable, smoother and safer driving to ensure cargo delivery on time

Achieves up to 5% fuel savings compared to manual transmission

Simplified vehicle handling aids driver recruitment and retention

Applies to different vehicle platforms light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

System’s flexibility shortens time-to-market by up to 40%

Reduces development cost by more than 80% compared to a customized AMT solution

Enables comfortable, smoother and safer driving to ensure cargo delivery on time

Experienced application engineers support customers from concept to serial production

Simplified vehicle handling aids driver recruitment and retention

Offers unique calibration tool myOptiDrive™ to tailor system performance to specific customer preferences

Leaves an environmentally cleaner footprint